Casall Rubber band light 2pcs

Casall Rubber band light 2pcs

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14.90 CHF 14.9 CHF

14.90 CHF

<p><strong><span style='font-size:12.0pt;line-height:107%;'>Casll Mini Bands: Rubber band light 2pcs – Light pink</span></strong></p><p><strong></strong></p><p><span lang='FR-CH'>The Casall rubber band is a resistance training tool which is simple but versatile. </span>This item is great for stretching, muscle toning, and even rehabilitation. <span lang='FR-CH'>Perfect to use for sculpturing booty training exercises. It is an absolute favourite for professional trainers.</span></p><p><span lang='FR-CH'>&nbsp;</span></p><p><strong><span lang='FR-CH'>Material</span></strong></p><p><span lang='FR-CH'>&nbsp;</span></p><ul><li><span lang='FR-CH'>Natural rubber, may contain traces of latex</span></li></ul>

Grösse: OSFA
Farbe: Pink

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