Casall Wrist weight 2x1kg – Black

Casall Wrist weight 2x1kg – Black

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34.90 CHF 34.9 CHF

34.90 CHF

<p><strong><span style='font-size:12.0pt;line-height:107%;'>Casall Wrist Weight : Wrist weight 2x1kg – Black</span></strong></p><p><strong></strong></p><p>Quick strap-on weights designed to intensify your workout.</p><p><strong>Material</strong></p><ul><li>Fabric: Polyester. Weights: Iron filings. Velcro: Nylon</li></ul><p><strong>Care instruction</strong></p><ul><li>Handwash seperately</li></ul><p><strong>Good to know</strong></p><ul><li><span lang='FR-CH'>Increase effectiveness of any workout. </span>The Velcro closure is quick and easy to slip on and off. Sold in pairs with different weight options.</li></ul><p><strong>Size and weight</strong></p><ul><li>Weight: 2.00 kg</li></ul><p><br /></p>

Grösse: OSFA
Farbe: Schwarz

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