Sunpocket | PKR-I Black


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SOL-ID Bio-Baumwolle Lifestyle Shirt Black
SOL-ID Bio-Baumwolle Lifestyle Shirt Black
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29.90 CHF
Stucki Christian Fan-Polo - Blau
Stucki Christian Fan-Polo - Blau
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Sunpocket | PKR-I Black

Die Sunpocket Sportbrille PKR-I in Schwarz wird dir mit zwei Gläser-Typen geliefert. 1x Schwarz, 1x Gelb

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269.90 CHF

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The PKR-I eyewear system is engineered for running and tested to uphold the required endurance of a runners pursuit. The Unisex PKR-I lightweight frame features an interchangeable lens system and is supplied with additional HiT-Y lens to provide optimized vision and adaptability to differing weather conditions.

Light transmission ranges from 13% with X-MLT Polarized lens to 87% while wearing HiT-Y. The HiT-Y high transmission yellow-tint lens is composed by shatterproof Polycarbonate (PC) and functions to enhance contrast- and depth perception by improving sharpness and visual clarity in hazy or low-light conditions.

+ Size recommendation: Medium - Large

+ Fits face shapes: Oval - Round - Square - Wide


Sunpocket’s X-Module Lens Technology is a dynamic vision system built of shatterproof Polycarbonate (PC) lenses. Tested to provide optimum safety and protection with an uncompromising optical effect to secure visual accurateness and clarity.

+ Polarized

+ Shatterproof

+ Anti-scratch

+ Anti-fog

+ 100% UVA/UVB/UVC Protection

Additional Lens

+ Cat. 2

+ HiTransmission Yellow tint

+ Contrast enhancing

+ Depth perception

+ For hazy and low light conditions

Integrated Technologies

+ Flexion System

+ Interchangeable X-MLT Lens System

+ Shatterproof X-MLT Polarized Lens

+ Integrated adjustable bounce reduction

+ Titanium Screws

+ Anti-scratch/Anti-fog treatment

+ Attachable Elastic Woven Sports Strap

Size measurements

+ Frame width 147 mm

+ Temple length 140 mm

+ Lens height 49 mm

+ Folded height 55 mm

+ Folded width 79 mm

+ Folded depth 35 mm

+ Weight 27 g

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Farbe Schwarz
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